Thursday, 29 October 2015

New legal move to prevent Japan from whale hunting in the Antarctic

Finally in 2014, the International Court of Justice, the highest legal authority in the world delivered their verdict that Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary was not scientific and illegal. Japan at first agreed to honour the verdict and last season for the first time since 1946, the Japanese whaling fleet did not kill a single whale in the Southern Ocean waters around Antarctica. 
Japan now has changed its mind with the announcement that they will return to kill whales in defiance of the ICJ and they will back up their actions with their military support. In other words declaring war on the whales and anyone who defends them in complete defiance of international law.
Why? Because they are Japan and the Japanese government holds the position that the Ocean is the domain of the empire of Japan and they will go anywhere and do anything they wish to exploit life in the sea and they will do so in defiance of international public opinion and international legal judgements. 
In November, the Humane Society International in a move supported by Sea Shepherd will take Japan before the Australian Federal Court to seek action from the government of Australia to impose additional sanctions against Japan for killing whales in the Australian Antarctic Territorial waters.

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