Friday, 5 December 2014

The Faroese Seek to Suppress Dissent

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

In their quest to continue the barbaric slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins, Faroese lawmakers are looking at eroding their own democracy by banning Sea Shepherd from entering the Faroe Islands.
If they do, Sea Shepherd will find other means to disrupt the horrific slaughter of these intelligent, self aware, socially complex sentient beings. Our opposition to the slaughter will never cease. We will fight this horror on the water, in the courts and in the European Parliament until the Faroes comes to respect the sanctity of cetacean lives like the rest of Europe.

First this article states that Sea Shepherd is a threat to the Grindacrap. And then it states that Sea Shepherd had no effect. Last year between June and October over 1,300 whales and dolphins were massacred. This season while Sea Shepherd crew were on the ground and on the water, only 33 pilot whales were killed. When Sea Shepherd was there in 2011, no whales were killed that summer.
The facts speak for themselves and Sea Shepherd volunteers saved hundreds of lives no matter how the whalers deny this. And they are obviously afraid that Sea Shepherd will save more lives if they are looking at taking extremist measures to stop Sea Shepherd from entering the country.

It was amusing to read how people who viciously slaughter cetaceans, with their bodies covered in blood from spurting wounds as they slash and stab these creatures to death then call Sea Shepherd terrorists when not a single Sea Shepherd volunteer has ever injured a single whaler. Sea Shepherd crew were violently assaulted yet in the minds of the whale killers, preventing sentient beings from being ruthlessly massacred is terrorism.

However if they should succeed in enacting legislation to stop Sea Shepherd from entering the Faroes, there are other ways of effectively obstructing the killing of the pilot whales and dolphins.

Passion plus courage plus imagination are the ingredients required for innovating new strategies and tactics.

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