Monday, 1 September 2014

Japan's Dolphin Day

Japan Dolphins Day is coming to protest against the barbaric killing of dolphins. “The last Taiji hunting season was a brutal one. Across the globe, members of the public reacted to international headlines when hundreds of bottlenose dolphins were herded into the Cove in Taiji. One of those dolphins, Angel, became a symbol of the brutality of the hunts and helped to build and galvanize worldwide opposition to the inhumane captures with the new slogan: Liberate, then Celebrate: A New Era for Dolphin Compassion.”
As the Dolphin Project notes, this day is not about attacking Japan –  most Japanese people don’t know about the hunts and are appalled when they learn about it – it’s about continuing to educate everyone about what’s happening and about the dangers associated with eating mercury-laden dolphin meat, in addition to working with the government to end the slaughter.

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