Friday, 21 February 2014

5 star review of The Minke Connection - Murray Kibblewhite

During my holidaysThe Minke Connection was the first book I read. I  could not put it down. I was hoping  for  happy ending for the  first whale.  The whale was so majestically defined that it would have been great for  happty  ending if  it had evaded the Japs.  A little of bit of romance added to the story.  The author is able  to weave a mystery well, especially the Japs placing our  man in the freezer.

How apt for me to read the book at a time when Sea Shepherd and other dispute between the saviours and the merciless hunters. I felt  proud  that I was a Greenpeace  before the Green party came into being.  I am talking about the anti-Vietnam,anti-nuclear and anti-apartheid days.

Jag Lal

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