Monday, 16 December 2013


`Do animals think? What happens in their minds if they are attacked?

While I will never know the answer to these questions, it was an important matter for me when I was writing the Romantic  Action Thriller – “The Minke Connection”,

In the first chapter a huge Sperm whale is deep diving to an amazing 1,200 metres to the sea floor to find food. In answer to my question, “How do I write from an animal’s point of view?” my writing tutor said, “Treat him as a human and personalise him!”

So that’s what I have done for the Sperm whale feeding and then being hunted and then being killed by a Japanese whaler in the Southern Ocean.

Also, I have used the same approach for the dolphins communicating with each other, the tragic birth of a deformed baby dolphin and the unbelievably brutal slaying of dolphin and porpoises by Japanese fishermen who drive the mammals onto the beaches of small coves where they club them to death.

No wonder environmentalists are so upset and angry. I found it very difficult to write these scenes which are spread throughout “The Minke Connection”.

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